agileVGlitch - Side Channel Attack Voltage Glitch Detector Core

The agileGLITCH voltage monitor provides security and protection against voltage side-channel attacks (SCA) and tampering such as supply voltage changes/glitches and power supply manipulation. The sensor provides digital outputs to warn (secure) processors of intrusion attempts, thus enabling a holistic approach to hardware security. As a key part of the agileSCA TVC (Temperature, Voltage, Clock) security sensor can be tuned to your specifications and is ideally suited for security and monitoring in applications such as in IoT, Security, Automotive, Medical, AI and general SoCs and ASICs.

Agile Analog designs are based on tried and tested architectures to ensure reliability and functionality. Our design methodology is programmatic, systematic and repeatable leading to analog IP that is more verifiable, more robust and more reliable. Our methodology also allows us to quickly re-target our IP to different process options. The agileSCA TVC side-channel attack monitor core is available on CMOS and FD-SOI processes from 0.18um down to 12FF. We support all the major foundries including TSMC, GlobalFoundries, Samsung Foundry and SMIC as well as other IC foundries and Manufacturers.

Details on supported processes can be found here


  • Minimum Glitch Detection: Typ <3ns1
  • Positive & Negative Voltage Glitch Detection
  • Programmable Glitch Threshold
  • Optional Hysteresis to avoid false triggers in noisy environments
  • Current Consumption: Typ 500uA1
  • Latched and unlatched operation
  • Customisable design for simple SoC integration
  • Integrated Calibration/Trim Mode
  • Silicon Area – Please contact Agile Analog


  • DVFS Supported - Low Latency threshold adjustments supports DVFS implementation
  • Latched Outputs - 3-way voting
  • DFT/DFM - Incorporated Trim and Calibration to facilitate process and/or manufacturing offsets to be adjusted
  • Built-in test mode

System Macro Example

Combine with agileLDO and agilePOR to create a self-contained voltage attack sensor sub-system

  • System level Macro/Chiplet
  • Configured to your exact specification
  • Deliverables include: Verilog-a, GDSII, Liberty, PVT/Monte Carlo analysis