Agile Analog

At Agile Analog, we fully understand the challenges facing the semiconductor industry. As SoCs and ASICs become more complex and reach higher levels of integration, the demand for analog IP is increasing. To address the diverse requirements of the wide range of applications being targeted, the number of silicon processes and process variants is also increasing. To date, analog design has always been a laborious and manually-intensive process, resulting in IP that is either very specific and costly to change, or one-size-fits-all IP that is inefficient on area and power. The lengthy design process also means availability of analog IP is restricted to a subset of silicon processes, forcing chip designers to choose a process that is not best suited to their application.

Analog IP needs to be different for each design.

Agile Analog is here to bring a step change to the analog IP market with a new way of doing things, conceived by some of the best minds in the industry. We aim to provide a wide range of analog IP that is customised to your needs quickly, to a higher quality, and on any semiconductor process.

The team at Agile Analog brings together a unique mix of seasoned industry professionals with a wide range of experience in: analog design, electronic design automation, and IP delivery. Having been involved in bringing billions of complex chips to market, we understand the needs of our customers and provide high quality deliverables to ease the pain of integration together with exceptional support through to production and beyond. We benefit from a holistic view of the market and are bringing innovation to the industry by rethinking the development and delivery process, enabling our customers to meet the challenges of finding and using analog IP.