Security IP

Our Security IP solutions include a Voltage Glitch Detector and a Clock Attack Monitor that alert and help protect against the ever increasing threat of Side-Channel Attacks (SCAs) and security vulnerabilities.

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Product Range

Our novel, highly configurable and multi-node analog IP products are developed to meet your exact requirements. These digitally wrapped and verified solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any SoC, significantly reducing complexity, time and costs.


Voltage Glitch Detector


Clock Attack Monitor

Product Benefits

Our Security IP provides essential tools to protect your data, systems and devices from security threats. Applications include use cases where the security, integrity and availability of data and resources are paramount.

Analog Detectors:

Our Security IP closely monitors absolute voltage levels and absolute clock frequency to identify short glitches.

In-built Resilience:

Our Security IP includes an internal logic, internal bandgap and internal clock generator to ensure that it is unaffected by glitches.

Intelligent Analysis:

Our Security IP detects near misses and can flag potential attacks. It is ideal for preventing supply-chain attacks and alerting about IoT network risks.


Our Security IP is highly configurable. We deliver analog IP optimized to your exact specifications, on any process, for any foundry.  

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Expanding Product Portfolio

Agile Analog is transforming the world of analog IP, with our expanding portfolio of innovative solutions and subsystems for Data Conversion, Power Management, IC Monitoring, Security and Always-On IP.

Data Conversion IP

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Our Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) offer the high-quality, high-resolution and high-performance that is needed for the next generation of semiconductor devices.

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Power Management IP

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Our Low Drop-Out (LDO) Regulators, Power On Reset (POR) Monitors and Power Management Unit (PMU) Subsystem have been developed to ensure low power consumption while delivering optimal performance.

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IC Monitoring IP

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Our IR Drop Detector, Programmable Threshold Comparator and Temperature Sensor are important monitoring tools. Our Power, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) Subsystem can be used to optimize performance.

IC Monitoring IP >

Security IP

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Our Voltage Glitch Detector and Clock Attack Monitor provide security alerts and protection against Voltage Side-Channel Attacks (SCA) and tampering , such as supply voltage changes and power supply manipulation.

Security IP >

Always-On IP

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Our BandGap References, PORs, LDOs, RC Oscillator, Digital Standard Cell Library and Sleep Management Unit (SMU) Subsystem enable the essential always-on functions for devices in low-power and stand-by mode.

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