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Check out why analog IP is such an exciting career opportunity.

Looking for your next career challenge?

Are you interested in working for a cutting-edge company that is developing game-changing analog IP on a wide variety of process technologies? Are you ready to join the Agile Analog team on our exciting mission to disrupt the global semiconductor industry?

We are currently recruiting for a range of different roles. We need an experienced Field Applications Engineer to help accelerate adoption of our novel analog IP products. Plus we are seeking Analog Engineers with the expertise to design and develop our products for a number of important new projects.

We have a completely hybrid approach to working, so you can work from home and then meet up with colleagues in our modern Cambridge office whenever you need to collaborate face-to-face. It’s a fast-paced and friendly environment, with a dedicated team set on delivering our high-quality, highly configurable, process agnostic analog IP.

Check out our Careers page to discover more about our company values and benefits, plus see what some of our employees have to say.  

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Career Opportunities

Come and join the team to help us transform the world of analog IP! Take a look at our job vacancies below.

Our Technology

Our ground-breaking analog IP products are poised to revolutionize the semiconductor sector. You will have the opportunity to boost your knowledge and experience within a talented team that will help you to grow as an engineer. We are constantly extending our IP portfolio, giving you the chance to do something new whenever you are ready for the next challenge.

Here’s what our CEO has to say about our innovative technology.  

Barry Paterson CEO at Agile Analog:

“Over the last few years we have been scaling up our teams to meet the increasing demand for our customizable and process-agnostic analog IP. We offer the high-quality and high-performance Data Converter, Power Management, IC Monitoring, Security and Always-On IP solutions that are required to deliver the next generation of semiconductor devices. 

Our novel way of automatically generating the analog IP to exactly meet the customer’s specifications means it’s possible to seamlessly integrate analog features into any SoC and this significantly reduces the time-to-market. Using our unique technology gives us the capability to simply regenerate our analog IP to accommodate any customer requirements. We really are transforming the world of analog IP, so it’s an extremely exciting time to be part of this business.” 

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