Agile Analog

Analog components cause the most chip production test failures and up to 95% of field failures. This does not have to be the case. There is another way.

Agile Analog’s innovative design methodology is programmatic, systematic and repeatable leading to analog IP that is more verifiable, more robust and more reliable than current solutions.  The availability of high quality analog IP means you can focus your internal design teams on the truly differentiating factors of your products.

Agile Analog IP allows customers to differentiate through quick and straightforward customisation, free from the constraints of off-the-shelf, ported or one-size-fits-all offerings.  The needs of the specific application you are working on can truly be the driver of what you design onto your chip.  Using the Agile Analog approach, you will be selecting the process based on the specific needs of the application in terms of power, security, size or cost, whether you’re targeting IoT, Security, Automotive, AI or other segments within the vast semiconductor space.  Each and every circuit can be optimised depending on its exact requirements.

Through using Agile Analog’s IP, your analog components are fully optimised and as a result, the potential of your whole system can be maximised too. Functionality will no longer be left off-chip due to a lack of time or expertise.  Feature sets can be increased while your bill of materials can be reduced, at the same time as focusing human effort towards your product’s differentiating factors.