May 30, 2024

Driving forward innovation to deliver novel analog IP

Chris Morrison, Director of Product Marketing

When I joined the company 18 months ago I was excited because I could see that the company had a disruptive technology, with great potential to transform the analog design sector. In the past, whilst working as a Systems Architect for a mixed signal IC company, finding the right analog IP for my application was incredibly frustrating. At Agile Analog, using our unique, internal Composa tool, analog IP can be generated automatically to meet the exact requirements of each customer, for any foundry and on any process. Our novel digitally-wrapped, highly configurable, multi-node solutions can be seamlessly integrated into SoCs, helping to make chip design far less complex, time-consuming and costly.

Navigating challenging times

Looking back, 2023 was a challenging year for the semiconductor industry, with supply chain delays, component shortages, the global economic downturn and geopolitical turmoil. Despite this, the Agile Analog team continued to focus on driving forward our innovative technology - developing Composa, expanding our product portfolio and strengthening our partner relationships. Since the end of 2023 we have seen a much more positive outlook across the analog IP market. And for us, a new wave of interest, especially for our data conversion and power management solutions.

Highlights and milestones

Over the last 18 months, we have been making significant headway with Composa. And our IP portfolio is growing, with highlights including the launch of our 12-bit ADC and new developments such as our subsystems. We have also delivered our IP products to customers around the globe, including our always-on subsystem to XMOS.

There have been two main company milestones. We have been accepted into the TSMC Open Innovation Platform (OIP) IP Alliance Program and joined the Intel Foundry IP Alliance Program. These are substantial achievements that demonstrate the progress of our innovative analog IP products. Consequently, we can now take part in important foundry events, such as the TSMC Technology Symposium events and Intel Foundry Direct Connect. And as we are collaborating closely with the major foundries and ecosystem partners, we can help more chip designers to streamline and accelerate the analog IP integration process.

Key focus

Currently, our main product areas are our data conversion, power management and security IP. These are crucial for today’s demanding semiconductor device applications. Our solutions are particularly popular with customers who either have no analog design expertise or very limited analog design resource. By choosing Agile Analog, chip designers can add analog features to provide product differentiation without needing to worry about specialist analog engineers or high costs. Composa – our analog IP automation tool - allows us to customize our products and we can deliver them digitally-wrapped for ease of integration. It really is: Analog IP the way you want it!

Going forward

Our plan for the rest of 2024 is to continue to build out our IP portfolio as we deliver to our product roadmap. We are working on some really interesting customer projects, with more coming down the line. We are also recruiting for new analog engineers and customer support specialists. If you are looking for an exciting career challenge don’t forget to check out our career opportunities. Along with our sales team, I will be attending many of the major foundry events, spreading the word about the benefits of our unique analog IP technology to boost the adoption of our analog IP products across the world. Keep an eye on our events web page if you would like to meet up with us.

Agile Analog™

Agile Analog is transforming the world of analog IP with Composa™, its innovative, highly configurable, multi-process analog IP technology. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with a growing number of customers across the globe, Agile Analog has developed a unique way to automatically generate analog IP that meet the customer’s exact specifications, for any foundry and on any process, from legacy nodes right up to the leading edge. The company provides a wide-range of novel analog IP and subsystems for data conversion, power management, IC monitoring, security and always-on IP, with applications including; data centers/HPC, IoT, AI, quantum computing, automotive and aerospace. The digitally wrapped and verified solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any SoC, significantly reducing complexity, time and costs, helping to accelerate innovation in semiconductor design.

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