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Back to the next normal. Or at least we hope so…

So as the days are getting warmer, well slightly less jumpers are needed outside it seems that the world is slowly and cautiously starting to open up, pub gardens ring with cheers and friends and colleagues get to meet again and for some that means meeting your team for the very first time, even though you know what colour wallpaper they have.

So what does that mean for us at Agile Analog and us potentially leaving the comfort of our home offices, dining tables or whatever nook in the house has become your place of work over the last year or so.

Well not really a lot at this stage because for us... We have always prided ourselves as being a truly flexible employer and that was the case pre pandemic so for us this has just highlighted the fact of the need to really offer true flexible working options for everyone. With our exciting growth plans about to be announced, this is something we know is important to all our existing teams and those of you yet to join us or consider us in your next career move.

Every individual in our company is different and that is what makes us awesome, and flexible working means different things to each of us. We are aware of avoiding a one size fits all solution, after all our teams come in different shapes and sizes

So watch this space, no set plans in place but one thing we can be sure of is that we are moving forwards and not looking back, embracing the new opportunities to support flexible working and will continue to champion this as our way of working for all.