Agile Analog provides a suite of power management IP all of which can be customised for your exact specification and process. The LDO is supplied with programmable output voltage and output currents that are configurable from 5mA to 100mA.  

Agile Analog’s bandgap reference provides a high accuracy voltage/current reference for use in a wide variety of functions in ASIC/SoC designs.

To enable processors to start at a known state upon power-up, a Power-On-Reset (POR) is required. The Agile Analog POR's reset pulse duration, hysteresis and voltage levels may all be customised to ensure your processor starts correctly at every power-up.

agileLDO Low Drop-Out Regulator

The agileLDO GPA is a linear low-dropout voltage regulator (LDO) providing precision and programmable voltage regulation across a wide range of input and output voltages.

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agileREF Voltage & Current Reference

The agileREF GP is a voltage and current bandgap reference circuit. Based on a traditional CMOS bandgap architecture, it allows for improved accuracy via trimming and includes optional output reference currents.

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agileVSENSE Voltage Sensor

The agileVSENSE is an absolute voltage monitor block, which allows the system to measure the supply voltage to sub-2mV accuracy.

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