Agile Analog

SemIsrael Expo 2020 is the premier professional semiconductor event in Israel. The event brings together hundreds of Israeli semiconductor professionals from all fields and aspects of the semiconductor industry. The Expo will host some 1,000 semiconductor professionals from all the Israeli semiconductor community; local fabless & startups, local R&D offices of multinationals and IDMs, foundries, design houses, labs and universities.
The Expo holds 5 professional tracks that runs in parallel throughout the day: 
- IP and Cores
- Front-end & Verification (Sponsored by AMIQ)
- Physical Design
- Post Silicon
- AI & Machine Learning Track (Sponsored by Mentor, a Siemens Business) 
In addition, a 50-booths exhibition area  - where IP, tools, and services will be introduced.
If you'd like to meet Agile Analog at SemIsrael this year, please do not hesitate to contact us: