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EE Journal: Podcast: Better Hints and Less Misses - A New Holistic Approach to Hardware-Based SoC/ASIC Cybersecurity

In this podcast we have a bubbling virtual witches brew of electronic engineering creativity that is one part analog, three parts IP, with a big ol’ heap full of intelligent decision making. Gajinder Panesar (UltraSoC) and Tim Ramsdale (Agile Analog) join us to discuss the what UltraSoC’s digital monitoring ecosystem IP is all about, the changing role of analog IP in the world of...

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EE News Analog: CEO interview - The Importance Of Being Agile

EE News Analog speaks to Tim Ramsdale, CEO of Agile Analog Ltd. (Cambridge, England), to say more about the core of Agile Analog's technology and also how he sees the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic...

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Design & Reuse: What makes Agile Analog different?

Our VP Marketing was interviewed by Gabriele Saucier from Design & Reuse at IP-SoC Days in Grenoble. In this video, we explain what makes Agile Analog different to other Analog IP providers and what the benefits of our innovative approach are. 


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