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EE Journal: Agile Analog Advancing Analog Design Using In-House Automation

Automated Analog Design?
This first discussion may make it sound like you can go out and buy software for automated analog design. So I should probably start with saying that, no, that’s not the case. But what we’re going to discuss does involve such tools – it’s just that you would have access not to the tools, but to the results of the tools.

The company in question is Agile Analog, and...

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EU Startups: Agile Analog one of 10 Cambridge-based startups to look out for in 2019 and beyond

Agile Analog – Analog circuits are needed on every chip to interface between the real world and the digital processor – from sensors to battery connections to radio frequency data transmission. And with the explosion of the IoT the demand for new analog chip designs has never been greater.  But analog design is still slow and largely manual, and it is often the bottleneck in bringing new...

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EE Times: Customizable Analog IP Startup Raises $5m

Agile Analog, an analog intellectual property (IP) startup based in Cambridge, UK, and founded in 2017 by ex-Arm and CSR executives, has come out of stealth mode to announce it has raised $5m. The company said it differs from other analog IP companies in that it enables customization and automation of the generation of code for its analog IP blocks. Tim Ramsdale, CEO for Agile Analog said,...

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The Telegraph:'s Brent Hoberman invests in Cambridge chip start-up founded by Arm veterans

A Cambridge-based start-up by led by former Arm veterans has raised $5m (£3.5m) from investors including the founder of, Brent Hoberman. Agile Analog, a start-up that designs analog semiconductor technology, is raising its first investment round from Hoberman’s fund Firstminute Capital and investment firms Delin Ventures and MMC Ventures, The Telegraph has learned. The start-up...

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Medium: How Agile Analog plans to revolutionise the design of analog semiconductors

I am thrilled to announce firstminute Capital’s investment in Agile Analog's $5m round which we co-led with Delin Capital alongside MMC Ventures. Agile Analog is revolutionising the way modern digital technologies like AI, ML and Crypto talk to the real world by building a new approach to the development of analog components in silicon chips. It is a fact of life that the digital world has to...

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EE News Europe: Former ARM executives at helm of analog IP startup

Two former ARM executives are in the top jobs at stealthy analog IP company Agile Analog Ltd. (Cambridge, England). Peter Hutton, a former executive vice president at ARM, is chairman. Tim Ramsdale, a former vice president of engineering and general manager of the imaging and vision business at ARM, is the CEO. However, even though the company was founded in August 2017, it is still saying...

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